Building a School Portal: Know the costs and benefits

Building a school portal for your school can be pretty pricey. But rest assured, the benefits surely outweigh the costs.

If you are reading this article, then maybe you are considering building a school portal for your school. Maybe schools around yours all have one or maybe you want to Introduce it as a replacement or alternative to the paper records system in your school.

A school portal is basically a digital record-keeping system for your school. Where all student and staff records are stored, including student results, receipts, staff employment letters, etc. Every student or staff of your school will have an account where they can easily access their records.

Keeping hardcover(paper) records in your school is really great, but forgive my french. Shit happens. They can easily be misplaced by a wet-behind-the-ear new intern in the records department, eaten by mischievous rats, destroyed by fluids, etc. In fact, if its in paper it’s vulnerable to a lot of things, even nature.

As an alternative, or backup, building in a school portal to store all these information, while it might be quite expensive, is better for the school in the long run.

Now Let’s look at what your stand to gain by building a school portal:

Return on Investment is high

When building a school portal, you may have to shell out the big bucks to developers (or developer, depending on your budget). But If you are a large school (If your school is still growing, stick to paper!) with a student population of 500 above, by factoring portal maintenance into your school fees, you will recover the money spent on building the portal in the first year. Highest in two years.

illustrating ROI benefits when building a school portal

Better Management of records

Better management when building a school portal

With a school portal, records of staff and students are better managed. This is one of the main reasons for building a school portal in the first place. Records can be quite difficult to locate when dealing with a lot of students or staff. This can be a nightmare for the records department. Especially when several years has passed since the record was last accessed. Having digital records in a school portal really solves this issue as they are ten times easier to navigate.

Boosts School Image

prestige when building a school portal

Another thing to put in mind when building a school portal, is the image and status it adds to the school. We live in a digital world. Imagine how modern and sophisticated your school will look if it boasts of a school portal. Also imagine how backward and dull it will be perceived as if it does not. Trust me on this, perception matters in this case.


Like I said the begining, building a school portal can be quite pricey. But as you can see, the benefits far outweigh the costs. School portals if utilized properly can and will generate a steady revenue for the school as well as making life easier for the students, staff and records department ( if you will even need one). At Relis Technologies, we provide school portal development services. Reach out to us let’s discuss your project needs today. Thank you!!

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